I have to thank Jon at OAUSA for pointing me in the right direction when we were discussing the pros and cons of using the vehicle as a tent around the campfire one evening. My most-wished-for feature on the Disco-tent was screens for the windows, that way I can sleep with the windows down when it’s nice out and remain bug free.

The Australian-designed Window SOX are quality built, durable, and fit perfectly on the vehicle. Installation, removal, and re-installation takes mere seconds. They are even designed to handle the wind speed of driving, though I wouldn’t recommend it as they reduce visibility to almost nil.

For some vehicles (the Discovery included) small strips of Velcro are provided for each door to help hold the SOX in place. This prevents them from creeping upwards on the trapezoid shape of our doors. Air flow is fair, about what you’d expect from the screen door of a traditional tent. Not bad for a product intended to be used as a sun shade, not a screen. Unfortunately, because of their intended function Window SOX are not available for the front windows.

Window SOX can be ordered in the US for about $50 from