A little extra warmth and organization – Most Discovery owners, if they’ve had the vehicle for any length of time, have figured out that the structure of the interior panel on the cargo door is barely adequate for the OEM tire changing kit Land Rover places in it’s large storage pocket. While suitable and inexpensive options are available, all of them are metal. Given the sleeping arrangements inside the vehicle, I wanted a panel with at least some inherent insulating properties… so I decided to build one out of some scrap 12mm birch left over from the sleeper project. While I was at it the door latch was moved to a more accessible location above the raised floor, and an organizer was added to provide additional storage. The finished product is coated in the same bed liner as the rest of the sleeper, and now noticeably reduces noise and heat loss.… Cargo Door Panel
Wine and liquor storage for the media lounge – This weekend’s project was inspired from browsing Pinterest in search of more random upcycling ideas (recycling junk into newfound purpose). Most folks have seen the pallet-chopped-off-horizontal-wine-and-glass rack that runs anywhere from $80 to $120 on Etsy and the like. As I’m a fan of not just wine, but rum, tequila, and bourbon—and I happen to have pallet fragments left over from building the media lounge—I decided to build my own with extra storage for a few bottles of liquor.… Upcycled Wine Rack
Upcycled pallet sofa, chairs, and tables – I blame the internet. This project originally started as a simple coffee table idea (which wound up being the very last item built), but it wasn’t long before browsing how-to articles led to a pallet wall article and the inspiration to go big. At long last, what started as a huge pile of dirty pallets in my driveway and a few scribbled measurements in a notebook has been transformed into our new living room media lounge. Now to load it up with pillows…… The Media Lounge