Last month we rolled out to southern California for American Adventurist’s annual Desert Rendezvous event. This time late February was chosen for the event, and with highs in the low 90s the change was much appreciated. Activities were as we’ve come to expect from an AAV event: smaller groups out exploring the area by day, followed by evenings filled with good food, great company, and plenty of cold beer. On Saturday, the volunteer clean-up removed 3.3 tons of trash from the desert…not counting the trash from DRV shenanigans. I enjoy catching up with old friends, making new ones, and partying in the desert for a good cause, but as always my main purpose for making the trek is the extra few days of wandering we get to enjoy taking the long way home. After an obligatory stop at my favorite desert taco stand, it was time to find a sunrise view. Salton View The Salton Sea Standard Oil   Desert Center Bill’s Town The U.S.-California Border Dinner Break… Desert Rendezvous
Our last trip out I played the fool and went unprotected under the sun (and heat) a little too long, so we had to cut it short and head back home. We made up for it this time by spending 3 days wandering to and fro, and grabbing a hotel so we could get in some night-wheeling without worrying about camp. Ben over on OTN almost has me sold on a GPS to help track and automate this part, but in the mean time… Our route this time out took us straight out the S-22 from state route 79 (by way of S-2) to drop down from Ranchita into Borrego Springs. Heading this way in the dark (and this time, moonless night) is fun… after cruising across the plateau in a straight line for what seems like an hour the road somewhat suddenly makes a steep downward adjustment to it’s course before making a sharp left (at what appears to be the end of the earth) and plummeting 2,500 feet to Borrego Springs. We checked in and grabbed a plate of the world’s best fish taco’s from my favorite little taco shop before hitting the sack early. In the morning we picked up near where we left off with Peg Leg’s monument. It’s a bummer we had to head back early last time, as we would have been there for the annual Pegleg Smith Liar’s contest. Ok, it sounds corny (and probably is), but I have an odd passion for desert junk and thus naturally for desert folklore and tradition. Yes, I sign the silly visitor logbooks too! Speaking of desert junk… After snapping a few more pics and grabbing some munchies, we made for state route 86 and the Salton Sea to the east. We ran most of the trails off the S-22 not too long ago so we blew past most of it, though we did spend some time exploring along the western edge of the 86 for an easier route into Tule Wash or Arroyo Salado. After stopping for refreshments (next to a sign stating the obvious), and double-checking our position, we headed east down Navy Road (which is not marked) until we found it being consumed by the dunes. Not wanting to risk running solo through extremely soft sand, we headed back up the road a little ways to plan-B… …which turned out to be the… April 27-29: Anza-Borrego