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The Audience

This rant all started with a question:

“You know this is killing your growth. Why are you flip-flopping between adventure and erotic posts instead of focusing on one audience?”

The answer should be obvious: I don’t care if I have either audience, and I am not my fucking follower count. I have zero interest in maintaining my good standing within holier-than-thou “overland lifestyle” cliques, and I have even less interest in providing pervert hordes with material for their spank tanks. None of that has anything to do with my “growth” anyhow.

I do, however, care deeply about the art itself and the individual connections that the art inspires. I also love the adventure of exploring and the solitude of the wilderness, whether or not the means I use are “worthy” as a status symbol. Sure, I appreciate likes and follows as much as the next guy, but I enjoy the conversations more—especially those private interactions that occur when people are moved to compliment or question my efforts backchannel. (I’m very socially awkward, so I understand exactly how much effort that can take.)

I want more of that. I want to reach souls who are in search of that deeper connection. I want to inspire my fellow artists, and break down the hypocritical boundaries of censorship imposed by the false modesty of society. At the very least I want to make you feel something, and if I’m lucky, make you think. I do what I do as much to rock the boat as to share my passions (yes, rocking the boat is one of my passions). Switching it up every other post has proven a subtly effective way to shake loose from those two groups mentioned in the first paragraph while reaching for my real target audience: you.

Accountability & Growth

I’m at a place in life where it’s easy to be dragged down into the routine, which for a creative is the most dangerous place one can be: chaos is life, routine is death. Instagram is my accountability partner. It follows me around, that nagging little icon always on the lock screen reminding me to create something today.

You see, I judge my content not by likes and comments, but against my profile as a whole. It’s a living documentary of the work I’ve done, and I’m competing with only myself. I’m there to consume what inspires, and in turn to share what I’m moved to create. The growth I strive for cannot be measured with analytics; rather by improving with each published piece. When I swipe past what felt like fire just a few months ago and see how disgustingly mediocre it stands next to my latest works, that’s when I know I’m doing well.

Adventure & Sensuality

My work is gritty, erotic, and adventurous because that’s how I see the world. I focus on adventure and sensuality because that’s what inspires me. The two make the most alluring of bedfellows—tantalizing one to the other, complementary each together, and reaching heights they could only dream of apart. Two subjects close to my heart and intertwined as one. It’s a reflection of the relationship between myself and my muse, I’ll let you guess who plays the role of adventure and who sensuality.

In simpler terms it’s the science behind the art. The more sex you have the greater your sense of desire. The more you travel the more it stokes the flames of your wanderlust. And, you guessed it, the more you create the more creative you become.

Now that my reasons are revealed, I think I’ll change it up again…

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