Old Man Emu 2-inch Lift

I finally got the lift finished and the Disco back on the road this weekend (actually, it was the partially finished roof rack install that was holding things up). The OME 2-inch “Heavy Duty” lift kit consists of four Nitrocharger Sport shocks, two #779 front springs, and two #762 rear springs. I opted to go with the HD kit in anticipation of the added weight from a front winch/bumper and a large rear cargo drawer system that will be added in the near future. The best price (including quite reasonable shipping) I’ve found is from Lucky8, who also has an easy to follow installation video.

Paired with the kit are a set of ProComp Xtreme All-Terrain tires in LT265/75R16 on a set of steel 16-inch Land Rover wheels. The end result is a modest gain in overall ride height of about 4.5 inches, which looks just right on the vehicle. As expected, the OME 10mm spacer was required to level things out. It is a $13 part, and installation is as simple as tossing it in above the spring isolator when you put on the right rear spring. Unless you manage to score a set of all “A” or all “B” springs, I recommend ordering one with your kit so you don’t have to do that part of the job twice.

Lift 02

While installing the lift I opted to completely remove the rear sway bar (which was oversized as I had the SLS air suspension). I also have quick disconnects installed on the front sway bar. On the street there is little noticeable difference with the rear bar gone. On the trail, it is a big help having the rear axle ready-and-able to do some flex-work. Minimal rubbing occurred at the leading corners of the plastic trim panel below the doors, and the trailing corners of the bumper trim. Use of a DREMEL makes short work of removing the excess trim, with little noticeable cosmetic change. There is no rubbing in the rear at this tire size.

The stock bump-stops actually prevent upward articulation to a point that would allow the tire to rub/damage anything metal. Downward articulation is not noticeably affected on the opposite wheel by this, however I have clearly outgrown the LEI Test Track and need to seek out larger obstacles for a realistic test. More flex could certainly be gained with a taller lift, however additional cost would be required to properly build it and maintain acceptable driveline angles. At 2 inches, the additional stress on driveline components is negligible, allowing the vehicle substantially improved capability using a far simpler (and less expensive) spring-and-shock only lift.

Lift 03

Many thanks to Larry at Dirty Parts for his advice, and talking me out of the BF Goodrich TA K/Os I had picked out. I am very happy with the grip provided by the more aggressive tread pattern of the ProComp Xtreme AT, and quite surprised at it’s quieter highway noise compared to the BFG. In fact, they really aren’t much louder than the little 255/55R18 Nitto TerraGrapplers I used to have installed.