First Snow of the Season


After five days of rain, I finally spotted snow on the HualapaiCam this morning. Knowing it would be gone by the afternoon, I quickly grabbed my ditch kit and a cup of coffee and we headed up the mountain. With the exception of a lone Rhino-rider, we had the mountain to ourselves. The timing couldn’t have been better—we drove up through perfect fresh powder, had time to enjoy a snow-ball fight, then watched as it all came melting down around us. I’m going to have to buy Dani a new camera. The execution of many of her shots is just brilliant, but the poor little processor in her old SD1100 just can’t keep up.

First Snow of the Season 03

First Snow of the Season 08


First Snow of the Season 20

First Snow of the Season 22


Route Map and More Photos

[two_thirds_first][wpgmappity id=”1″][/two_thirds_first]

The rest of our pictures are in the Flickr set »


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