2004 Land Rover Discovery HSE

Basic Equipment: 4.6L Land Rover V8, factory drivetrain, 3-inch lift, LT285/65R18 tyres (33-inch tires)

Project Goals: mid-range exploration and overland travel, moderate load carrying capability over challenging terrain, in-camp comfort and convenience

Modifications and Upgrades: OME Constant HD 2-inch Lift, Columbia Overland 1-inch Spacers, ARB Bullbar with 12k TJM Winch, custom rear bumper and swing-out, HLCfab Sliders, fuel tank skid, front and rear QT diff skids, dual Odyssey 2150s, Lightforce LED 180 forward lighting, LED rock/camp lights, custom roof storage and rear awning (in development), 2-meter/70cm radio, Viair on-board air, inline thermostat, 35-qt. fridge/freezer, 11-gallon on-board water system, Triton water heater (camp shower), WindowSOX, upgraded rear door panel, on-board galley (in development), nano-camper conversion with permanent camping loadoutread more »

Old Man Emu 2-inch Lift I finally got the lift finished and the Disco back on the road this weekend (actually, it was the partially finished roof rack install that was holding things up). The OME 2-inch “Heavy Duty” lift kit consists of four Nitrocharger Sport shocks, two #779 front springs, and two #762 rear springs. I opted to go with the HD kit in anticipation of the added weight from a front winch/bumper and a large rear cargo drawer system that will be added in the near future. The best price (including quite reasonable shipping) I’ve found is from Lucky8, who also has an easy to follow installation video… NSFW · Explicit
Defender 4′ x 5′ (half) Roof Rack I’ve been in the market for a roof rack for some time now, both as a mounting point for antennas/lights, and to carry bulky (but light) gear like sleeping bags and tarps. Since my needs are very small and I really like the view out of my sunroof, I really wanted a half-length rack. I also wanted it to sit nice and low, close to the roof’s surface. There are only a few off-the-shelf options available for a roof rack on a Discovery, and almost all of them are full racks. In fact, the only half-rack option I was able to find is by a company that has an awful reputation on the various Land Rover forums. Ultimately, I opted to go with a unit from Defender Rack and figure out some other way to handle mounting. Defender makes a model that is 4 feet wide (perfect on a Discovery) and can be had as short as 3 feet—I went with a 5-foot one-piece welded model. The build-quality is top-notch, but it could have used another trip through the powder coater as it is already showing (slight) signs of rust from this year’s rain… NSFW · Explicit
Aluminum Fuel Tank Skid Columbia Rovers Aluminum Fuel Tank Skid offers 1/4-inch of fuel tank protection at only 18 pounds of added bulk. I’ll admit, I’m still a skeptic of aluminum when it comes to protecting a two-ton truck from rock damage, but recent conversations with other off-roading experts have convinced me to give it a try. I’ve opted to do this test with a fuel tank skid, since there is not one available from the factory, and it is not a place I would consider in the least bit vulerable (in 5 years of wheeling a Discovery, I have never hit the fuel tank)… NSFW · Explicit
Disabling a Faulty SLS System My 2004 Discovery has been dumping all the air from the right-side airbag when I park it going on 4 months now. At first it was just annoying, but it would always fill it back up again when I put the truck in gear so I just lived with it and planned to do a lift and coil conversion in March. Today, the computer or the sensor on that side (not sure which has failed yet) had other plans, and refused to refill the bag all day leaving me with nothing but a bump stop for suspension in the right rear corner. I was backing it from where I park it to the garage, hoping I could clean… NSFW · Explicit