It’s been a minute…had to take a break from most things social, but I’ve missed messing around with video. Here’s a jumble of shorts from some of the projects I’ve been working on over last year. Also, big thanks to Chad for helping me clean up the Discovery’s roof and do some custom work to the frame (3:42)—next round is on me.


  • Epidemic Sound – and yeah, I’ll actually tell you which tracks…
  • The Last Session: Da Tooby – Still Ballin’
  • Hike 3,750: Frook – Linen
  • Dear Land Rover: Peter Sandberg – Contemporary Confusion 2
  • Simple Small Pallet Shelves: Bozooka – The Big Easy
  • Adventure Boudoir: Niklas Ahlström – Don’t Turn Off The Lights
  • Closing: Lvly – Next To Me (Young Community Instrumental Mix)

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