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That stuff I do when not wrenching, writing or traveling
Upcycled pallet sofa, chairs, and tables – I blame the internet. This project originally started as a simple coffee table idea (which wound up being the very last item built), but it wasn’t long before browsing how-to articles led to a pallet wall article and the inspiration to go big. At long last, what started as a huge pile of dirty pallets in my driveway and a few scribbled measurements in a notebook has been transformed into our new living room media lounge. Now to load it up with pillows…… The Media Lounge
It’s about time the recipe for this one made it to the public, so without further adoo, the Golden Monkey: You will need: 2oz. Malibu Rum (or Coconut Parrot Bay) 2oz. Apple Pucker 1oz. Vodka 1oz. Triple Sec 4oz. Orange Juice Fill a chilled shaker with crushed ice, add all the ingredients and shake vigorously. Pour into shot glasses. Too harsh? Add a little more OJ (not too much). Origins of the Golden Monkey The Golden Monkey was named in honor of one of the largest e-braggarts ever to roam JU, GoldenJeeper. Those of us who’d been poking holes in his tall tales had taken to calling him “GoldenMonkey.” At a fire-side party during a desert camping trip, Whisker_Biscuit created a shot which tasted like plain old banana-orange juice. We all loved it, which is good considering he had prepared several rounds before testing it. It didn’t take long to realize just how strong the shot actually was. As the saying went: “It doesn’t taste like alcohol, but it lies!”, and the Golden Monkey (the shot) was born. Good friends, good times and good drinks – thanks guys.… The Golden Monkey