Chazz Layne

Designer, Photographer, Author, Adventurist

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For business inquiries, please contact me through The Layne Studio.

About Chazz

I’m a creative and adventurist based in Prescott, Arizona. Born in Southern California—but raised with the independent spirit of solo travel—I’ve been gifted with an eccentric mix of aesthetics, logic, minimalism, and wanderlust. I live my life with the philosophy of a curator, and subscribe to the mantra “Less, but better.”

Passion for adventure fuels my work as creative director of The Layne Studio, bringing creative vision to clients in the adventure, automotive, and outdoor industries. In addition to my work as a creative gun-for-hire, I’m a regular contributor to several travel and adventure publications.

Projects & Activities

Dossier—Chazz Layne

  • 2017 — Merger: Adventurist Life officially joins the American Adventurist family
  • 2016 — Founded Adventurist Life: the Independent Adventure Magazine
  • 2015 — Launch of The Layne Studio
  • 2014 — Associate Editor, Expedition Portal (article listing)
  • 2014 — Design and launch of the all-new Expedition Portal
  • 2013 — First published, Overland Journal: Fall 2013, Lumix GX1 Review
  • 2012 — Designer, Photographer, Writer for Overland International
  • 2011 — Graphic Designer for Overland Journal
  • 2007 — Founded Enfluence | Persuasion by Design
  • 2006 — Change in career path to design
  • 2004 — Partner at Rseven | adaptive IT solutions
  • 1999 — Work up the ranks to IT Director
  • 1996 — The College Years: Info Systems major, English minor, with a little Photography mixed in…