Chazz Layne

Creative Adventurist

Welcome to—a somewhat-organized collection of photography, travel notes, vehicle modification and maintenance how-tos, home improvement projects, rants and musings, and occasionally a test-bed for unreleased projects.

Chazz Layne is a creative consultant and adventurist based in Prescott, Arizona. Born in Southern California—but raised with the independent spirit of solo travel—he’s been gifted with an eccentric mix of aesthetics, logic, minimalism, and wanderlust. Chazz lives his life with the philosophy of a curator, and subscribes to the mantra “Less, but better.”

Passion for adventure fuels his work as creative director of The Layne Studio, bringing creative vision to clients in the adventure, automotive, and outdoor industries. In addition to his work as a creative gun-for-hire, Chazz is the editor-in-chief at Adventurist Life and a regular contributor to several travel and adventure publications.

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