17.87 miles 37,878 steps +2,459 elev


38. Sierra Prieta, easing back in with familiar terrain: 4.62 miles


39. Bell Trail / Wet Beaver Creek; Rimrock, Arizona: 7.15 miles


40. Sierra Prieta, first snow of the season: 6.1 miles

Tendons Get Better With Age?

All that momentum in September pushing me one hike shy of caught up. One early November morning revealed the tell tail sign, blood surfacing to the skin near my hip joint. A few hours later the pain arrived, hip and knee…no hike for me that day. We caught it early, fortunate there was no serious damage, and after a few weeks taking it easy I’m back on the trail.

Three hikes down this week, five weeks left to finish a dozen more. Let’s do this.