12.16 miles 28,905 steps 1,915+ elev

Woodchute Hike 00008

19. Woodchute Mountain: 7.4 miles

Hike 20

20. Sierra Prieta #327: 2.64 miles


21. Sierra Prieta #366: 2.12 miles

Moving Forward

I planned ahead when I started this thing. This is Arizona. We may have trees and water up here in the highlands, but in the summer heat I want to be sitting in a brewery with an ice cold pint, not watering said trees with sweat while I climb eight miles up a mountain. During the winter I was getting an extra hike in each month, saving up as it were for the summer months—it simply wasn’t meant to be. Motivation to catch up through the summer heat will have to come from the enticements of my hiking partner and stunning sunset vistas.

Woodchute Hike 00236