14.82 miles 31,443 steps 1,933+ elev

01 Watson Dam Hike 00031

01. Watson Dam, Flume Trail: 1.8 miles

02 Constellation

02. Constellation Trails: 1.13 miles

03 Red Bridge Hike 00041

03. Willow Lake, Red Bridge Loop: 3.85 miles

04 Mt. Union Hike 00027

04. Mount Union: 6.94 miles

05 Pioneer Park

05. Pioneer Park, Unexpected Hike-a-Bike: 1.1 miles

Onward and Upward

Unfamiliar with the 52 Hike Challenge?¬†You can read all about it here…

For me, it helps maintain the momentum of motivation necessary to burn off that growing gut and stay in shape. It’s also good way to balance out the other exercise I do (like running and biking), and finally start exploring the local trails. I’ve been in this town five years, but until Hike #4 I’d never seen this view…

04 Mt. Union Hike 00025