13.46 miles 29,049 steps 1,856+ elev

06 Flume Trail 00005

06. Watson Lake, Flume Trail: 1.4 miles

07 Selfie Stick

07. Little Granite Mountain Loop: 7.06 miles

08 Aspen Creek

08. Aspen Creek: 1.2 miles

09. T37 Sunset Timelapse: 1.7 miles

10 AAV DRV 2016 00080

10. American Adventurist Desert Rendezvous Trash Cleanup: 2.1 miles and immeasurable squats

Increasing the Load

Somewhere along the line the bright idea to start shooting time lapses on these hikes became default. I’m not one to tie up the DSLR for hours on end, so this involves hauling a whole other set of gear up Prescott’s particularly mountainous terrain. I’m glad I started this while there is still snow on the ground. Difficulty Bonus: February’s hikes were done with an extra 20 pounds of gear.

I still haven’t decided on a backpack…