57.12 miles 121,073 steps 8,633+ elev


41. Top of Quartz Mountain, via Wolverton from Highway 89: 7.75 miles


42. Prescott Christmas Parade, Tree Lighting Ceremony, and a bit of antiquing: 2.4 miles


43. Classified Location—location scouting and photo shoot: 2.15 miles


44. Red Bridge Trail: 7.65 miles


45. Centennial Trail: 1.99 miles to see thousand-year-old graffiti on a rock in a gated community

46. Unknown Trail: 4.24 miles

47. Granite Mountain: 8.67 miles, 1,819 feet of climb over two miles, and one celebratory pint from Granite Mountain Brewing

48. Christmas Eve Snow: 3.34 miles, 6 inches and counting

49. Christmas Snow Hike: 1.7 miles chasing the headwaters of Willow Creek, through 18″ of snow

50. Falcon Hunting (photographically speaking): 3.57 miles

51. Javalina Firewater: 4.19 miles

52. Spruce Mountain: a very foggy 9.47 miles

A Hike Every Other Day

Well ok, 31 days in December, it isn’t quite that much. The Twelve Hikes of Christmas? Regardless, my 52 Hike Challenge is now complete, and I’m never hiking again.

Just kidding. In fact, I’m probably going again tomorrow…